Terms of Service

In order to provide you with our exceptional service, we need you to agree to the rules in this document. Last updated on August 20th, 2021

User Agreement

All Customers of KordunerHosting's basic services are subject to the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement. The User Agreement is a legal contract between KordunerHosting and the User that contains the rights, duties and obligations of KordunerHosting and the User.

Acceptable Use Policy

KordunerHosting's Usage Policy is designed to protect KordunerHosting, its Users and others from illegal, malicious, damaging and inappropriate behavior by Users of KordunerHosting's services. All users of KordunerHosting's services are subject to the Usage Policy. The Usage Policy lists activities that are prohibited on KordunerHosting's services, such as hacking and spamming.

  1. DDOS Attack from the server
  2. Mass Mailing
  3. Phishing
  4. Illegal Porns
  5. Illegal Drugs

Copyright Infringement Policy

KordunerHosting's Copyright Infringement Policy provides information for parties wishing to notify us of claimed intellectual property infringements present on sites hosted on our servers.

Privacy Policy

We are KordunerHosting, a leading provider of online tools and services designed to help small businesses succeed online. Security and privacy are at the core of our business practices and product offerings; we care deeply about protecting the personal information of our customers and website visitors. Our goal is to be as transparent and forthright as possible about the data we collect, with whom we share this data, and how this data is used. The data we collect includes: user information (name, email, physical address, company name, phone number, geographic location, payment information, etc.), digital information (IP address, browser information and history, device information, meta data, certain provided social media identifiers, etc.), and information from other sources (publicly available information, information you provide at seminars, information you consent to be provided to us by third parties, etc.).

This information is shared with members of the Endurance corporate family, business partners, third party service providers, authorized users within your organization, and legal or regulatory authorities as required. The purpose of this data sharing is wide-ranging, from providing services and content, to account registration, payment processing, technical support, marketing, business communications, and more.

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